Blonde and purple haired woman in jeans and black training vest looks down at sable german shepherd wearing a guide harness

Training Foundations

Explained in Easy-to-Understand Terms with Video Examples

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This training foundations mini-course will show you how you can employ positive reinforcement training techniques to your dog's training for faster and more effective results!

What You'll Learn

When you complete this course you will understand how and when to employ the following training techniques:

  • Fundamentals of using Markers and Reinforcers
  • Luring
  • Modeling
  • Capturing
  • Shaping
  • Target Training
  • Back-chaining

You'll also see video examples of using each of these training techniques to train real behaviors, including service dog task-training examples.

Trainer Toolbox Curriculum

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Learn from a Certified Guide Dog and Service Dog Trainer with 14 Years in the Industry

Laura DeMaio Roy is a certified guide dog mobility instructor and certified service dog trainer with 14 years of helping service dog handlers, just like you, create a deep partnership and working relationship with their assistance dog.

Why Learn from Laura?

Laura has been such an asset to our team. Her training style breaks tasks down into parts that are easy for both me and my Service Dog In Training to achieve. She has helped my dog become so much more confident and controlled, as he has a much better understanding of his job.

The way the training was executed fostered connection and trust between me and my dog. I am so proud of how far Archie has come and we couldn't have done it without Laura!

  • Megan S.