Why Carry This Card?

  • To help others access to free service dog training resources
  • To help better advocate for yourself in cases of public access denial
  • To help the public better understand service dogs and the ADA

I have receive many requests for a quick way to have the law available, as well as resources for those asking about service dogs. Below is a business card (front and back) that you can download and print.

There are two sides. The first side has a QR code and link to the DOGGY•U YouTube Channel with all my free resources. This side is great for people that you come across who have questions about service dogs. You can say something like, "I'm so sorry, we're busy training right now, but this card has some resources that might be helpful for you!"

The second side has a summary of the ADA law, along with the two questions businesses can ask. It also has the DOJ ADA Info Line and the website for the ADA in regards to service dogs.

Feel free to download it and have it printed at your favorite online or local business card printing service.

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